Large Ogham Name & Date Slates


Fabulous gift that will sit well with the decor of any home


Three pieces of Natural Slate are sandblasted with the names and date. The design is then hand-painted and the slate is finished with a stone sealant and framed.

Dimensions: 61 x 39cm (24 x 15in) approx.

Ogham is an Early Medieval alphabet supposedly inspired by Ogma, god of eloquence. It was used primarily to write the Old Irish  language and was carved and read from bottom to top. The earliest inscriptions date to about the 4txh century AD.The letters consist of one to five perpendicular or angled strokes, meeting or crossing a centre line. There are roughly 400 surviving Ogham inscriptions on stone monuments throughout Ireland and western Britain; the bulk of them are in the south of Ireland, in Counties Kerry, Cork and Waterford.

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